Efficiently linking people and resources, going beyond the connectivity horizon and acting as a business intelligence partner...»

Understanding the nature of the internet and knowing how to use the medium to improve your business. Informational, e-commerce and web-systems...»

The ESG Smart Box provides support for Real-Time Monitoring and Telemetry Systems allowing Paperless Data Collection and Recording to easily access ...»

We believe you should have as much flexibility and choice as possible. We don't lock you into rigid outsourcing models. We don't insist on using proprietary technology.

Our services simplify the management of IT and facilitate the ongoing alignment of IT with your overall business strategy. Using proven methodologies and a flexible approach helps you more easily manage both the technical components and business aspects of your infrastructure, including business processes and IT.

While your end-users are looking for a reliable, hassle-free environment, management is looking to control support costs and maintain a competitive edge. IT departments are often caught in the middle - trying to manage this environment with stretched-to-the-limit resources.

ESG Services professionals have the focus, experience, and perspective to help you gain solid control of business IT. The processes and solutions that comprise our Infrastructure Management Services portfolio are geared to stabilizing and reducing complexity in your IT environment, optimizing your assets, and helping you respond quickly to change. We specialize in identifying redundancies, recognizing bottlenecks, and staying technologically current.

To be most effective, an onliine strategy needs to dovetail with a company's offline strategies and must take into account internal organizational issues, external issues like the competitive environment and regulatory constraints, and the touchpoints between interactive and offline initiatives.

Often, web initiatives influence changes in business practices. Our online strategy services include:

● Working with you to examine your needs [Listen]
● Define project goals and objectives [Think]
● Outline Strategic plan [Create]
● Production phase [Manage]
● Determine scope of work [Monitor]

A selection of our previous and current online projects:
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OS & Applications
Microsoft Systems
Novell Netware
Linux / Unix
Citrix / Terminal Services
Custom programs
Management Services
Synchronization & Replication
Data Centers Rooms
Web, E-Mail, FTP Servers
Remote troubleshooting
Remote Hosting Backup Service

Advanced Routing
Firewalls and Bridges
Wireless Installation
Traffic Management
Network Integration
Backbone Solutions
Advanced VPN Configuration
Terminal Services

Cat 5 and Cat 5e Wiring
Cat 6 Backbone Wiring
Single Mode Fiber Optic
Multi Mode Fiber Optic
Wire certification

Video Conferencing
Team Group Solutions
Conference Room Solutions

Voice Over IP (PBX Systems)
PBX-Voice Over IP
Private VoIP Solutions

Online Solutions
Professional design services
Interactive Strategy
Web Development
Multimedia Development
Database Driven Sites
Content Management Systems
Video Surveillance
Online Payment Solutions
Donations & Charity Solutions
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