Efficiently linking people and resources, going beyond the connectivity horizon and acting as a business intelligence partner...»

Understanding the nature of the internet and knowing how to use the medium to improve your business. Informational, e-commerce and web-systems...»

The ESG Smart Box provides support for Real-Time Monitoring and Telemetry Systems allowing Paperless Data Collection and Recording to easily access ...»

Highly automated communication processes to collect and send measurments and other data from remote or inaccessible locations. The collected information is usually destined to minimize down time, reduce maintenance costs and maximize production in diverse environments such as agriculture, water management, flight testing, retail or even law enforcement.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Computer assisted industrial control systems useful for monitoring and controlling processes existing in the real world. SCADA systems can include complex systems spread out over large areas. Numerous options and add-ons extend and expand the scope of performance.

ESG custom tailor systems to your specific production environment and goals providing insight and monitoring at every stage before, during and after the implementation process.

Provides advanced electronic data monitoring and recording. It can monitor single or multiple devices and their associated equipment. If it needs to be monitored then our system will collect the information.

Key Benefits:

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